The Nomadic Peoples Network is a forum where those working to advance the Kingdom of God amongst the nomadic and semi-nomadic ethnic groups can share what they have learned and encourage one another in this specialized cross cultural ministry.

Why is there a need for a Nomadic Peoples Network?

Whilst great progress is being made in the spread of the Christian gospel through out the settled world, nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples are being left out and will probably be the last and least likely to hear it. This is through no fault of their own but mainly because of the reluctance of Kingdom workers to live in such inevitably isolated and usually uncongenial areas where they are found: typically semi-arid deserts or high altitude pastures.

If nomads are lost it is not by their choice, but by chance that they happen to live in climates and environments that are unattractive to contemporary workers from settled societies. The responsibility of carrying the Gospel to these unreached and unknown ones falls on the shoulders of those of us who have received the divine gift of grace, and who are charged with the responsibility of looking for the lost sheep about whom Jesus said “Them also I must bring into my fold!”

The Nomadic Peoples Network works with field practitioners, agencies and agency leaders, and nomadic people groups to see The Great Commission of Jesus Christ fulfilled amongst unreached nomadic groups world-wide!